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"Having been in Ms. Radovani’s studio for the latter part of high school (my junior and senior year), my technique has completely transformed, both with my bow hand and my pitch and vibrato. I planned on majoring in music education in college and needed a teacher that could push me in the right direction as a player, and Ms. Radovani helped me achieve just that. My outlook on classical music has changed, as I appreciate its complexity more and more when I listen to it because of Ms. R’s passion for music. Also, her studio recitals every semester helped me conquer some of my worst fears that were associated with performance anxiety and stage fright, helping me understand that music is not something to be hidden but shared, as if bestowing a gift upon a crowd of people all at once. Her lessons are focused, and she tells you exactly what you need to change without confusion or beating around the bush, so as not to waste time. I have grown immensely as a violinist and a musician as a whole after going through her studio for two years, and I hope to see many more of her students grow as fine presenters of music."
– Kayla Needham, student


"Looking back five years ago, I thought that I was already at the peak of my talents. However, it was Ms. Radovani that proved me wrong. She made me realize that I still have much to learn. Thankfully, she took me under her wing and trained me to become a better musician. Now, I will be going to SMU to study with one of the most prestigious violinists in this era. As I move on to a new adventure in my life, I will always look back to those past five years. How far I have improved from playing Bach's "Concerto in A minor" to playing even harder repertoire such as Mendelssohn's "Violin Concerto in E minor" and Bach's "Partitas". I wouldn’t have done it without her help and I am thankful that I have met such an amazing teacher in my life."
– Tristan Hipolito, student


"Both of my daughters, ages 8 and 10, have spent the last year studying violin under Karolina. They came to her with 3 years of prior lessons, and to my delight, have progressed and grown more musically in the last year, under her guidance, than in the previous three years of study combined. Their technique and artistry have improved drastically, resulting in a magnificent sound. Karolina is the epitome of professionalism, and while always kind and positive, knows how to push her students to always give their very best. She is a perfectionist in the finest way, and with her vast knowledge and experience, coaxes good musicians into exceptional ones. Karolina hosts multiple recitals each year, providing her students with the experience and confidence required for aspiring artists - not to mention the satisfying thrill of performing the pieces they have worked so hard on. It is such a privilege for my children to study under such a gifted teacher."

– Liz Richins, parent


"Karolina has taught music to many of my orchestra students. She is an outstanding violin teacher that I have been recommending for students of all ages. Her students advance quickly and respond well to her teaching style. She provides solo performance opportunities with recitals during the school year and she encourages her students to perform with school orchestras, local youth ensembles, and ensembles in the area. She helps to develop well-rounded musicians by encouraging both solo and group performance. Karolina motivates, nurtures, and challenges her students. She is an incredible violinist and often performs and models for them in recitals and their lessons. Her knowledge of literature, string pedagogy, and different learning styles for her students keep Karolina “in demand” as a violin teacher. I have attended many of her student recitals and am consistently amazed at the progress of her students!"

– Angie Cimbalo, orchestra director


"Ella has played violin under the guidance of Ms. Radovani for 2 years now and eagerly practices daily. She began as a young first grader, but if she‘d had it her way she would have started sooner! We had no idea where to turn and began by asking a youth orchestra conductor for any ideas and we were immediately directed to Karolina Radovani as the best of the best. We could not be happier to have Ella working with Ms. Radovani, they connect with ease. She is able to clearly direct Ella and express how to improve her form, sound, or whatever else she needs to work on in a calm manner. The two of them seem to have some jokes we are not privy to!"

– Michelle Parlette, parent


"I have learned so much from Ms. Radovani. She has helped me to become a better violinist, like helping me with sight-reading and music theory. She is an awesome teacher and I totally recommend her."

– Abigail Frank, student


"I have been with Ms. Radovani for about a year and a half now, and I really like her individualized teaching style. She targets problem areas and concentrates on those. This method has helped me grow as a violinist and has made me more confident in my playing."

– Sarah Frank, student


"We are very happy with Karolina Radovani. Her violin skills, patience, instruction and dedication are excellent, and our child is very happy to learn violin from her. She gives our child a well-paced curriculum that makes learning enjoyable."

– Andy G., parent

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